Learning to trust your own judgement

I feel like I’ve learnt an important life lesson recently. Whilst it’s important to look to your peers for validation, if you can’t trust your own judgement it will always hold you back.

It’s not that I’m shy, and I generally embrace the new in a fearless manner. But when it comes to the role of mentor, I’m always feeling unqualified to put forward my knowledge and opinion.

You might think it incredibly big headed of me to consider myself a mentor when there are clearly those who have far more experience behind them, but I firmly believe that we can learn something from everyone, if only they share their inner thoughts with us.

So I will be speaking in front of 300 people at a conference called Responsive Day Out. I’ve written an article for The Pastry Box which will be published soon and I’ve been assuming the role of Front End Specialist for a top-secret project I’m working on with The Wellcome Trust which I’d love to tell you about, but then I would have to kill you.

And I’m trying not to become overrun with fear, as I firmly believe that emotions such as anxiety and fear do us no good at all, and I refuse to feel them (often). I’m channeling all that fear into excitement and enthusiasm, which if you’ve ever met me you’ll know isn’t hard at all for me to achieve.

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