My Pets!

Welcome to the website about my two pets: Yuna and Quoll! There are also a few games made by me!


Yuna looks a bit like this!

About Yuna!

Yuna, I think, is the fourth hamster I've had. She loves walking upside-down on the ceiling of her cage by hanging on the bars, and I've found out that she will eat food upside-down if I feed her through the bars!


Apart from the ears and the colour of the muzzle, this looks like Quoll!

About Quoll!

Quoll isn't even a year old, but is getting very big! She knows how to sit, shake her paw, lie down, and sort of roll over. She is also very fast!

My games

Fish Chomp

I also have some fish, but I can't be bothered to write about them, so I'll just put a game about fish here(Move your mouse to control the fish)!

That was fun! I'll add a whole load of games now!


Draw what you like!

The Band

See(or hear) how much noise you can make!