The yummiest scrummiest treats in the world!

This is a website all about different types of sweets 1st of all my favourite sweet is called a daim bar. A thin layer of chocolate and hard,heavenly toffee. Mmmmmmmmm......

One of the most comon sweets are lollipops. They come in all shapes,sizes,colours and flavors. They are really popular.Most sweet shops have them. So when your out and about get a yummy lollipop!

Bubblegum is a sticky thing you chew and you can blow bubbles with it. Blowing a bubble with gum is quite hard but practice makes perfect! There are so many different colours and flavours but I love sour gum!

Chocolate is a wonderfully popular treat. There are millions of different kinds and shapes and flavors. There dead globle. Way globler than One Direction. Aztecs used chocolate for money. Well,coacoa beans which is what you need to make Chocolate. Choclate is a popular ingrediant too! Cakes often have coacoa powder in to spice up the cakes. I'll tell you a few different types of chocolate. White chocolate, Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and I'm sure there's more. I Love chocolate!

I Hope you enjoyed my website about Sweeties! I hope to make more webs soon.Thx again!!!xxxxx